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my History.. as a Human Being...i'm not a Perfectionist.. every step I have made has Defined who I am..

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no words can describe how much i miss u life seriously incomplete in last 2 weeks...incomplete due to time constraint to online...i wish i can have time to fact i did not have time even to reply d was happen exactly after my holiday in Pangkor...most of d time in weekdays i was busy with my report for presentation...i dun mind if the presentation just between me & my frens...but that was for Board of Directors Meeting so i've to be well prepared before the weekend full with family activity so seriously i dun have much time to serve d internet...details of the activity i will story later yeah...;)..i need extra time to edit all d pics...hehehe..

i hope after new year i have time to frens i'll 'terjah' to your 'teratak'...hehehe...c u all later yeah...;)

8 lovely reply:

yeszaaa... welcome back to the internet world... :p Miss u too lah beb!

hehe.. kawan2 pun ramai yg rindu ni.. tapi takpa no worries, take yr time.. insyaAllah kawan2 memahami..

sis fisa.. kelly pon rindu kat sis juga.. tapi apa boleh buat, kita sama2 bz...huk..huk..huk..

jarang updet tu yang wat org rindu nak terjah...

miss u too..three..four.. :-p

tu la kak..
lepas akak gi pangkor..
terus diam aje..
tertanya2 jugak..
tak pe, busy tu tandanya rezeki.. hehehehe

Salam Fisa
wah berstnye. Lama dah saya tak gi Pangkor
hu hu memang penat nak settle semua perkara yang telah ditinggalkan..

salam semua kawan2 ku yg tersayang...
aku rindu bangat kat korang..;)